Dr. Ali Carr-Chellman, dean of the School of Education & Health Sciences at the University of Dayton and associate editor of eLearn Magazine, recently sat down with Relearnit founder and CEO Dr. Ronald Wagner for a discussion about online program management firms (OPMs). In her article, “Relearnit reexamines online program management (OPM): An interview with Dr. Ronald Wagner,” she explored important qualities that distinguish Relearnit from other OPMs, including:

  • Its mission to increase access to higher education and provide services to universities in a responsible, sustainable way.
  • A commitment to making college affordable by bringing lower-cost programming to students around the United States.
  • Team members that come from academe who work directly with faculty and provosts.
  • The Academics First® approach, which enables Relearnit to develop online degree programs that meet current workforce demands.

“How that need is determined is based on occupational demand that we can see reflected in labor market trends, student demand—students are looking for it, a marketing feasibility study, geographic or regional need for the program and our Academics First® approach,” Dr. Wagner said during his interview with eLearn Magazine.

Dr. Carr-Chellman and Dr. Wagner proceeded to explore topics such as the need for institutions to become more responsive to workplace needs, the important role OPMs play in the higher education landscape, and the impact Relearnit’s work is having on the industry.

“It’s transformative, and results will put us on the map to influence how higher education is delivered in the future,” he said. “Our first focus is accessibility, in order to have an accessible education, you need financial models that work and make sense with high levels of accountability.”

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