Reach, attract and retain students.

Attracting students for higher education programs requires higher levels of thinking.

Enrollment is the lifeblood of your higher education program. It requires that you continually reach out to students with a reason that motivates them to choose your academic program offering. But with so many other universities out there, your greatest challenge is to stand out, not blend in. Relearnit offers inbound marketing solutions that bring in students. As your enrollment increases, your reputation grows with prospective students as a leading provider of online higher education programs.

Online Program Management

With online program management, we invest our time in front-end research to determine what online programs make sense for your university to offer. From there we develop the courses, recruit and train faculty, and market the program. As enrollment increases so does the visibility of your university, allowing you to promote existing programs.

Higher Education Marketing & Strategy

Any marketing solution we implement is founded on our evidence-based marketing experience and a decision making process based on data and research. During this process we uncover things such as audience triggers and even new programs that show promise to help you grow enrollment. The end result is a higher education program that is seen as a leader to prospective students.


We work in collaboration with universities to enhance their marketing strategies and ensure that their educational programs continue to attract, retain, and graduate students. From lead generation and instructional design to enrollment services, everything we provide is focused on the success of your students and higher education program.

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We specialize in providing universities with inbound marketing and research driven solutions to maintain or improve student enrollment in higher education programs. We act as a valued partner and focus on making sure your expectations are met today, tomorrow and well into the future.