We are excited to welcome Shawntae Amos as Relearnit’s® first university partnerships director. In her new role, she serves as the primary point of contact for all university partners. Her experience overseeing and directing academic programs will be an asset as she strengthens Relearnit’s® current and future relationships.

Shawntae is thrilled to share in the passion the Relearnit® team has for identifying higher education degrees that allow students to advance their careers and personal aspirations. She will champion Relearnit’s® students and employees, both of which are pivotal to the company’s mission to deliver increased enrollment for university partners. “I look forward to defining and growing Relearnit’s® existing partnerships – looking at which Relearnit® programs resonate with student populations and helping them succeed,” Shawntae said.

Shawntae lives in Dallas and has more than 12 years of experience working in higher education, most recently at Richland College. As its educational partnerships and dual credit senior manager, Shawntae managed and directed dual credit operations for 26 Texas high schools – 17 of which were classified as drop-out recovery schools. Prior to her time as senior manager, Shawntae gained valuable leadership experience as the educational partnerships and dual credit director of college programs. During her time at Richland, she created a state-wide dual credit partnership for 2 drop-out recovery schools consisting of 17 charter high schools.

As a result of her efforts, she was a recipient of the League Excellence Award in 2019 and the NISOD Excellence Award in 2020. Both honors represent Shawntae’s ability to increase opportunities for low-income students, transform educational programs, and her commitment to student success and work to expand opportunities in higher education.

“Shawntae brings many years of experience building and managing coalitions of stakeholders within and between institutions of higher education that address big challenges through bold partnerships,” said Dr. Fritz Vandover, vice president of academic solutions at Relearnit®. “She knows how to drive large endeavors while maintaining a focus on serving students.”

A first-generation college graduate, Shawntae knows the importance of high quality, affordable online higher education options like the ones Relearnit® provides. Before the thought of earning a degree ever crossed her mind, Shawntae was a single mother trying to provide for her newborn, so the idea of going back to school was daunting.

While working for Dallas College as an administrative assistant to the instructional dean of engineering, business and technology, a professor convinced her to pursue an associate degree, and she never looked back. She continued to persevere and eventually completed her bachelor’s degree as well as a master’s degree in higher education administration from Texas A&M University-Commerce. With her knack for connecting with people and drive to succeed, Shawntae has transformed her interest in higher education into a lifelong passion.

“It is important to be your own champion and advocate for yourself,” Shawntae said. “If college is something you are interested in, start asking questions. That’s the best first step.”

About Relearnit

Relearnit partners with universities and their faculty to identify and develop degree programs that deliver career success for students and facilitate institutional growth. Relearnit’s superior academic expertise combined with keen business acumen leads to online education success. From curriculum development to faculty engagement and impactful admissions marketing campaigns, Relearnit works with university partners to solve the most pressing challenges facing small, private, non-profit universities. For more information, visit relearnit.com.