Misty Dunne became Relearnit’s® first strategic partnerships director in early March. She uses her extensive background in strategic planning and execution to bolster collaboration between the Relearnit® team, university partners and businesses by designing and expanding well-rounded programs.

“Misty has worked tirelessly to address long-standing educational needs by developing meaningful strategic partnerships with universities and organizations that serve students and their educational aspirations,” said Sean Hays, Relearnit® vice president of student experience. “Her years of service forging these relationships have impacted the lives of countless students and their organizations.”

Misty has worked in higher education for more than 17 years, starting as an executive admissions counselor for the University of Phoenix and then becoming an education consultant at an enrollment advising firm. Both positions showed her the value of higher education programs and their transformational impact on students and families.

“Since I started my career, I’ve been privileged to hear stories about how people who started with nothing were able to change their lives for the better through education,” Misty said. “People who have created a better future for their families because they were able to get a meaningful degree have inspired everything I’ve done professionally.”

Misty joined the Grand Canyon University team in 2015 as a university development counselor. In her seven-year tenure, she expanded the institution’s presence in community colleges and hospitals, generated numerous new business relationships, established territories in two new states, executed annual training and development withcounselors, and assisted students with programs, admissions and financial aid. Misty looks forward to creating more opportunities for students earning degrees online in her new role at Relearnit®

“If more schools partnered with businesses to develop internships for online students, more of them could get a foot in the door and wouldn’t be turned away from an opportunity due to a lack of professional experience,” Misty said.

Misty’s experience with nearly every aspect of higher education along with her perspective as a first-generation college graduate will be an asset to Relearnit® and its partners.

“I’ve seen the disconnect between what students think they want and what they actually need out of a degree program,” Misty said. “I’ve also observed that the skills employers are looking for and the degrees being earned are often not aligned. To overcome these challenges, universities should do their research when developing a degree program so they know it will yield jobs. Then they must paint an accurate picture of what a career will look like for students after they graduate.”

About Relearnit®

Relearnit® partners with universities and their faculty to identify and develop degree programs that deliver career success for students and facilitate institutional growth. Relearnit’s® superior academic expertise combined with keen business acumen leads to online education success. From curriculum development to faculty engagement and impactful admissions marketing campaigns, Relearnit® works with university partners to solve the most pressing challenges facing small, private, non-profit universities. For more information, visit relearnit.com.